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Mystaran Skills and Feats


his section contains information about the skills and feats in Mystara-3E. New skills, new uses for old skills, and new feats may all be found here.

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A character's "culture" is usually determined by the cultural and racial identity of his parents or guardians, although it may be based on other influences, such as for the urchin who grew up on the streets of Specularum.  A character's culture may also be independent of the region she considers her homeland if she was raised by displaced members of a culture that is more common in other regions, such as for the daughter of a Thyatian ambassador living in Darokin.

"Region" is a broad term.  In most cases it refers to a political entity, such as the wizard-ruled Principalities of Glantri.  It may also refer to a geographical area that lacks a central government or well defined borders, such as the humanoid tribal area known as the Broken Lands.  Finally, a region can also be defined as a racial identity, such as those of the wood elves or the earth gnomes.


Cultural Skill Bonus


ystara is a vivid patchwork of strongly distinct cultures, and these cultures permanently stamp their mark on the people of Mystara.  This flavor is reflected in the Mystara-3E conversion by granting each character cultural skill bonuses.  A cultural skill bonus is granted to each Mystaran character through the selection of a single free bonus feat from among a short list that, with a few exceptions, provides an unnamed bonus to one or two skills strongly associated with the character's cultural background.  A character with a mixed cultural upbringing has the option of selecting his cultural skill bonus feat from off any list that is appropriate to her background.  For example, a woman who was raised in Karameikos by a Traladaran farmer and his Thyatian wife could choose her cultural skill bonus feat from the Traladaran culture list or the Thyatian culture list.

The following table lists the cultural skill bonus feats available to each major culture in Mystara.

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New Skills

Under Development

This section will eventually describe "Mystara specific" skills (i.e., not found in the PHB). It will probably include suitable skills borrowed from other open game sources.


Regional Feats


egional feats represent talents that people from particular regions of Mystara typically tend to learn.  Your character may choose any regional feat that is associated with the region he considers his homeland although you are still limited by the number of feats available to your character based on class and race.

You can continue to acquire regional feats later in your adventuring career. With a few exceptions, any regional feats appropriate to your race or homeland that you don't select at 1st level are still available the next time you gain the ability to select a feat.  You may even learn feats from a new region altogether.  After 1st level, each 2 ranks in Knowledge (local) you have allow you to select feats from a single region (other than your home region).

The following table lists the regional feats available to each major region in Mystara.

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New Feats

Blind Shooting [General; Fighter Bonus]

You know how to find and hit your foes without being able to see them clearly.

Benefit:  The character gets a +2 bonus on all Listen checks when attempting to pinpoint an unseen creature's location and, if a ranged attack misses because of concealment, the character can re-roll the miss chance percentile roll one time to see if the character actually hit.

Special:  The Blind Shooting feat is of no use against a character who is the subject of a blink spell.

Elven Magical Training [Regional]

You are a member of a traditional elven society, by birth or adoption, where basic magic is taught to all with the aptitude for it. Every elf, it seems, regardless of profession or role is trained in the use of a small amount of arcane magic.

Prerequisites: Intelligence 10+, member of a traditional wood elf or water elf society

Benefit: You may cast the 0-level arcane spells daze, detect magic, and prestidigitation once per day each. You suffer spell failure penalties for wearing armor. You are treated as a 1st-level caster for all spell effects dependent on level (range for daze and duration for detect magic). This stacks with any arcane spellcaster levels you may have. See the spell descriptions in Chapter 11: Spells of the Player's Handbook.

Special: You may take this feat only as a 1st-level character.

Under Development — More to Come!