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he greatest efforts towards the definition and rationalization of the Mystara-3Econversion have been made by the members of the Mystara-3EConversion Development Team.  This group of dedicated individuals spent many hours making proposals for this conversion and many more email messages hashing out the pros and cons of each.  All the conversion information available on this site is the culmination of their hard and dedicated work.

The following individuals are members of the Mystara-3EConversion Development Team:

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Special Thanks


uch thanks to the members of the Mystara-3Emailing list for their many serious debates and overall mature acceptance of compromise, for without them, none of this would have come to be.

Thanks also to Bruce Heard, TSR manager of the Mystara product line before it was canceled, for encouraging us to develop a 3E version of Mystara in the first place.

And an extra special thanks to the following individuals for their specific assistance, of one kind or another, to this project: