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Classes of Mystara

Sorry, Still Under Construction

favored regions: {cf. FR Guidelines for explanation}

Core Classes


New Basic Classes


Prestige Classes


Sample TOC

  1. Core Classes
    1. Barbarian
    2. Bards
    3. Clerics
    4. Druids
    5. Fighter
    6. Monk
    7. Paladin
    8. Ranger
    9. Rogue
    10. Sorcerer
    11. Wizard
  2. New Basic Classes
    1. Ylari Dervish
    2. Thyatian Rake
    3. etc.
  3. Prestige Classes
    1. Balancer (OD&D Druid)
    2. Defender (OD&D Paladin)
    3. Avenger
    4. etc.