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Race: Mystaran Skygnome

Sources of Lore:
(major) PC2
WotI, AC1010

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Skygnome Racial Details

Approximately one thousand years ago, a group of Mystaran earth gnomes found and deciphered the mechanism of an ancient artifact. This artifact enabled them to create an incredible flying city called Serraine. Those gnomes that lived in this city developed different traits to their land-bound cousins and now form a gnome sub-race known as skygnomes.

Personality: In most respects, skygnomes share many of the personality traits of their cousins the earth gnomes: they adore beautiful gems, and love jokes of all kinds. Also like their earth gnome cousins, they usually have a great sense of humor, enjoying puns, jokes, games, and tricks - the more intricate the better.

Skygnomes, however, are mechanical maniacs, even more so than earth gnomes, and are regularly filled with a consuming desire to invent newer, bigger, even more bizarre and complicated contraptions for the weirdest, most impractical purposes. Skygnomes think nothing of hanging by their knees several miles in the air, wrench clenched firmly in the teeth, attempting some complex trickery with a part of the city's infrastructure.

Physical Description: Skygnomes are physically identical to earth gnomes in almost every respect. They stand about 3 1/2 feet tall and weigh about 45 pounds. Their skin ranges from dark tan to woody brown, their hair is fair, and their eyes can be any shade of blue. Skygnome males prefer short, carefully trimmed beards. Skygnomes generally wear leather or earth tones, and they decorate their clothes with intricate stitching or fine jewelry. Skygnomes reach adulthood at about age 20, and they live about 100 years, though some can live almost 200 years.

Relations: Just like their cousins the earth gnomes, skygnomes have a particular affinity with dwarves, believing themselves to be related. They share the dwarves' love of precious objects, their curiosity about mechanical devices, and their hatred of goblins and giants. As a curious and jolly folk, skygnomes enjoy visiting strange and exotic places and people and playing exotic practical jokes on them. This means that, while skynomes, are friendly with most races, most races may find them a little irritating!

Alignment: Like their brethren, the Earth Gnomes, Skygnomes are most often good, and may fall anywhere along the law vs. chaos axis.

Gnome Lands: In The Known World campaign setting of Mystara, the skygnome sub-race is almost exclusively confined to the floating city of Serraine. They can also be found in The Hollow World campaign setting, where they are primarily found in the House of Oostdok on the floating continent of Valoin-Flamaeker .

Religion: The skygnomes also revere the gnomish Mystaran Immortal Garal Glitterlode (a.k.a. Garl Glittergold).

Language: All Mystaran gnomes and gnome subraces speak a single common gnome language. Slight differences in dialect reveal the origin of the speaker but do not interfere with mutual understanding.

The gnome language, which uses the dwarven script, is renowned for its technical treatises and its catalogs of knowledge of the natural world. Human herbalists, naturalists, and engineers commonly learn gnome in order to read the best books on their topics of study.

Names: Most Mystaran gnomes have a given name and a clan name. In general, gnome names are two-syllables, similar to the Celtic and Norse naming traditions of our own world.

Gnome clan names are combinations of common Gnome words, and gnomes always translate them into Common when in human lands (or into Elven when in elven lands, and so on).

Common Given Names: Branwys, Dorfus, Erwys, Glimreen, Gundal, Marrak.

Major Clan Names: Oostdok: Valoin, Flamaeker. Serraine: Airhammer, Gemeye, Skylofter, Grommethandler.

Adventurers: As with their cousins the earth gnomes, skygnomes are curious and impulsive. They may take up adventuring as a way to see the world or for the love of exploring. Lawful skygnomes may adventure to set things right and to protect the innocent, demonstrating the same sense of duty toward society as a whole that skygnomes generally exhibit toward their own enclaves. As lovers of gems and other fine items, some gnomes take to adventuring as a quick, if dangerous, path to wealth. Depending on his relations to his home clan, an adventuring skygnome may be seen as a vagabond or even something of a traitor (for abandoning clan responsibilities).

Earth Gnome Racial Details last updated: March 20, 2002 (version 1.1)

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Skygnome Racial Traits

Skygnome characters have the following racial traits:

† These abilities effectively replace the standard earth gnome abilities and bonuses related to earth, stone and metal: saving throws vs. earth based magic, stonecunning, appraisal, stone and metal craft and the language ability to speak with animals. Mystaran skygnomes have abandoned most of their ancestral affinity for earth and metal in exchange for their affinity with the air and sky.

‡ These abilities effectively replace the standard earth gnome abilities and bonuses related to combat with the traditional enemies: attacks vs. kobolds and golblinoids and AC bonus vs. Giants. Mystaran skygnomes have virtually no contact with the "traditional" enemies of their earth gnome cousins and so no longer emphasize the skills required to attack and defend against them effectively. Instead they have refocused their natural skills and abilities towards dealing with the dangers they do encounter regularly, and thus gain an increased effectiveness and awareness in precarious locations.

Skygnome Racial Traits last updated: June 07, 2003 (version 1.2)

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Skygnome Vital Statistics

Mystaran skygnomes, like the earth gnomes, mature at a faster rate than the standard gnome race as defined in Chapter 2: Races of the Player's Handbook [PHB], and their average height is also several inches taller..

Add the following information for skygnomes to Tables 6-4, 6-5 and 6-6 of the Player's Handbook [PHB].

Table 6-4: (modifications) Random Starting Ages
                                      Brd      Clr
                             Brb      Ftr      Drd
                             Rog      Pal      Mnk
Race           Adulthood     Sor      Rgr      Wiz
Gnome, sky     20 years      +2d4     +3d6     +4d6

Table 6-5: (modifications) Aging Effects
               Middle                                 Maximum
Race           Age          Old          Venerable    Age
Gnome, sky     50 years     75 years     100 years    +5d20 years

Table 6-6: (modifications) Random Height and Weight
                      Base    Height         Base     Weight
Race                  Height  Modifier       Weight   Modifier
Gnome, sky, man       3'0"    +2d6           40 lb.   x 1 lb.
Gnome, sky, woman     2'10"   +2d6           35 lb.   x 1 lb.

Skygnome Vital Statistics created: June 07, 2003 (version 1.0)

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